Volcán de Fuego Guatemala on Fire – 24.02.2017

Volcán de Fuego Guatemala on Fire - 24.02.2017

So lucky to be up there during one of the most active nights recently. What a magical experience!

Photos follow shortly on: http://www.motophil.ch

Some facts about this nights eruptions provided by visumeh.gob.gt:

1) Incandescent lava material was ejected up to 300m above the crater and falling down on Fuego’s slope up to 500m from the crater.

2) Ashes were rising up to 4500 masl, other sources even say up to 5800 masl.

3) Ashes travelled as far as 25 Km in directions between N and E. Ashfall has been reported in areas around Aletenango and San Vincente Pacaya.

4) Three lava flows have been reported:
– Towards Santa Teresa with a lenght of 1.2 Km
– Towards Ceniza with a length of 1.6 Km
– Towards Las Lajas with a length of 1.3 Km